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Dongguan Tuancheng automation equipment co., LTD. - intelligent remote monitoring management division is located in dongguan dongcheng skagway technology park.Is one specialized is engaged in the intelligent remote monitoring and radio communication engineering.Main business: remote monitoring technology integration base station generator, generator application software development, electronic automation power supply repair and maintenance, ATS power automation integration, dynamic environment integration, communications equipment installation test, remote monitoring, water pump oil machine remote monitoring system integration, such as the development and production equipment.Has been in the mobile, telecommunications, government, finance department, and other fields has been widely used.Was rated as high-tech enterprises in dongguan.

Company has always been carrying out the fine, the specialized production process management, in 2009 the introduction of the NI simulation and automated test equipment, in the industry's first introduction of AOI inspection equipment, maximum limit reduces the virtual welding or welding reliability problems caused by unreliable.After more than six years of technology accumulation and Singapore companies and technical cooperation, have a world's leading research and development team, especially Singapore unit parallel technology in a leading position, won several national patents.Through the CE certification in 2013,In 2014 won the German TUV ISO9001 quality system certification issued by the authority certification body.


Our mission: promote the development of Chinese intelligent generator;Our vision: let the world each generator with a smart heart.



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